GlobalPOPs originated almost a decade ago as a wholesale dial-up/managed modem carrier and since has become the leader in the industry servicing over 1,000 ISP’s. GlobalPOPs provides access to a nationwide network so that the ISP can offer a more efficient service without having to manage their own network. We have since acquired numerous ISP's and CLEC's to strengthen our position in the dial-up industry and plan on continuing this strategy. GlobalPOPs also provides Wholesale VoIP, Virtual Internet Services with additional products on the horizon. Our team is diligent in providing stellar service at a fair price while focusing on innovative ways to provide additional services for our ISP's to resell.


Daniel Ravenstahl

Paul Frye
Operations Manager

Ari Sigalov
Network Analyst

The Sales Team Provided by M2 Telcom:

Nick Medina
VP of Business Development


ABG Capital
ABG Capital is a privately held business management company that provides back office services to GlobalPOPs and its other portfolio companies. ABG Capital leverages its unique business management model to reduce costs by consolidating the back office operations for its portfolio companies.

By sharing services like accounting, legal, IT, software development, administration and HR, ABG Capital is able to eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency. This aggregated structure enhances ABG’s services, leading to increased customer satisfaction and accelerated business growth.

ABG Capital is NOT a venture capital firm. They do not simply inject cash into an idea or make investments outside of our organization. ABG Capital has built its reputation by taking an active role in opportunities. By building companies the ABG Capital Way, they are able to achieve success faster and with less risk than a traditional Venture Capital model.

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