Leader in Wholesale Dial-up

At GlobalPOPs, we not only provide you with high quality, competitively priced wholesale dial-up services, but we also give you access to the largest dial-up footprint in the industry. We’re a carrier class provider looking to be a long standing company the dial-up industry.

  1. GlobalPOPs Advantages

    GlobalPOPs is a wholesale dial-up carrier that frees service providers from the responsibility of managing a network. Authentication is provided via a proxy server or our hosted radius. Unlimited realms are available with every GlobalPOPs service, enabling our clients to handle multiple domains and resellers cost effectively and efficiently.

  2. At GlobalPOPs we focus on the hard to reach markets. We build our networks in the areas where other providers are turning networks down. We manage own equipment and network to give our clients access to competitive pricing, redundancy and the nation’s largest footprint in the industry.

  1. Global Ports

    Get access to our entire nationwide managed modem network for one price.

  2. Tiered Ports

    Get a cost-effective solution, ideal for providing service to specific target markets.

  3. Per User (Subscriber)

    Sign up for wholesale dial-up on a per-use basis. Costs are fixed with no coverage charges.

  1. News & Updates

    GlobalPOPs offers new Toll Free Service- Sept. 30, 2010
    GlobalPOPs Toll Free service offers nationwide access in cases where end users may have lost access numbers and there’s no alternative. Learn more

  2. New network available in four US states- Sept. 1, 2010
    GlobalPOPs has announced the addition of a new network including the states of Minnesota, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.
    Learn more