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GlobalPOPs is a carrier class provider of wholesale dialup and managed modem solutions. Our network helps resellers and service providers meet their customers' demands by providing competitive pricing, redundancy and the nation's largest footprint in the industry.


Redundancy – where you want it. GlobalPOPs

Most networks offer only one number per location. If that network goes down, then so do your customers. Our network was built with redundancy. We've provided multiple POPs in most markets to help address network outages. These multiple POPs on separate networks provide redundancy and the opportunity to quickly switch customers over.

Also, multiple POPs give customers the opportunity to select a number that will provide the best optimal speed and performance.


Unique Coverage

Most carriers can offer Tier 1 cities at competitive pricing - but what about Tier 2 and 3 locations?

GlobalPOPs offers one ubiquitous network at one price. From Tier 0 to Tier 3, there are no price differences – making monitoring usage a simple, painless process.”One Network - One Price.


Backup Radius

Customers can rest assured from the worries of radius downtime. GlobalPOPs is the first network to implement a shadow radius. The service will activate at the first sign of a failure on the ISP's end. Now your customers can log-in even if you are down. Best of all, this service is FREE!