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GlobalPOPs is a carrier class provider of wholesale dialup and managed modem solutions. Our network helps resellers and service providers meet their customers' demands by providing competitive pricing, redundancy and the nation's largest footprint in the industry.

News & Updates


GlobalPOPs Expands its Service Offerings for ISPs - Dec. 21, 2011

GlobalPOPs is the nation's largest wholesale carrier for dialup access. It provides the network for internet dialup access that include small local ISP's to the large national providers. It recently signed an agreement with one of the largest ISP's in North America. Although dialup continues to decrease in usage, dialup is still how millions of end users connect to the internet. GlobalPOPs continues to provide wholesale dialup access and aggressively grow it through acquisitions Learn more


GlobalPOPs offers new Toll Free service- Sept. 30, 2010

GlobalPOPs Toll Free service offers nationwide access in cases where end users may have lost access numbers and there’s no alternative. Learn more


New network available in four US states- Sept. 1, 2010

GlobalPOPs has announced the addition of a new network including the states of Minnesota, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. Learn more


Dan Ravenstahl promoted to GlobalPOPs President- Aug. 9, 2010

GlobalPOPs has announced the promotion of Dan Ravenstahl to President. As President, Ravenstahl is responsible for the long-term profitability of GlobalPOPs by providing effective growth strategies and overseeing efficient operations.  Learn more


Sebastian Kiely promoted to GlobalPOPs Product Manager- Aug. 9, 2010

GlobalPOPs has announced the promotion of Sebastian Kiely to Product Manager. With his new position, his primary focus will be on expanding the company's network and maintaining profitability in a turbulent market. Learn more

____________________________________________________________________________ Joins Forces with GlobalPOPs- April 1, 2010

YNP’s agreement with GlobalPOPs will establish the largest network footprint in the United States, increase network redundancy, and enhance servicing capabilities. Learn more