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GlobalPOPs is a carrier class provider of wholesale dialup and managed modem solutions. Our network helps resellers and service providers meet their customers' demands by providing competitive pricing, redundancy and the nation's largest footprint in the industry. Joins Forces with GlobalPOPs


PITTSBURGH, April, 1–  Effective April 1, 2010 YourNetPlus (YNP) has joined forces with Pittsburgh-based GlobalPOPs, a provider of wholesale dial-up Internet and managed modem services.

YNP’s agreement with GlobalPOPs will establish the largest network footprint in the United States, increase network redundancy, and enhance servicing capabilities. In an effort to provide our clients with superior customer service YNP has chosen GlobalPOPs as its service provider of choice. Aside from those enhancements YNP customers will not be affected and will remain customers of YNP.

YNP will continue to perform its sales and marketing efforts to further develop the YNP brand. YNP has always been at the forefront of the Internet aggregator services industry and this decision will further enhance those service offerings.

While YNP and GlobalPOPs envision this transition to be as transparent as possible, we do want to make all of YNP’s clients aware that a representative will be in contact if the need arises.