About Us


GlobalPOPs originated almost a decade ago as a wholesale dial-up/managed modem carrier and since has become the leader in the industry servicing over 1,000 ISP’s. GlobalPOPs provides access to a nationwide network so that the ISP can offer a more efficient service without having to manage their own network. We have since acquired numerous ISP’s and CLEC’s to strengthen our position in the dial-up industry and plan on continuing this strategy. Our team is diligent in providing stellar service at a fair price while focusing on innovative ways to provide additional services for our ISP’s to resell.

The GlobalPOPs Team:

Facility-based and regional providers now have a cost effective way of outsourcing to GlobalPOPs. When you don’t need a nationwide presence, our Tiered Ports are the ideal solution.

Daniel Ravenstahl


Paul Frye

Operations Manager

Ari Sigalov


The Sales Team Provided by M2 Telcom:

Nick Medina

VP of Business Development


GlobalPOPs currently manages 50 ISP’s, many of which we provide a Visp turnkey solution that enables the ISP to receive a lucrative cash stream while eliminating all the operational expenses involved in providing the service, support and billing. With the largest footprint in the industry and over a decade of experience we can assure you that your customers will be well taken care of.

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